"M.Chigorin Memorial 2012"

 International Chess festival "M.Chigorin Memorial 2012" will be held on October 25 to November 4 at the Park Hotel in St. Petersburg. There will be a rapid chess tournament on October 25-26 and a classic chess tournament on October 27 to November 4..Contact: +7 921 4418144, irina.sudakova@yahoo.com, Irina Sudakova.
The official website:en.spbchesstournaments.com

Results of main tournament

Results of Rapid tournament

Ranking after round 9 - Players by fed AZE

18 IM Bajarani, Ulvi   6.5 AZE M 2436 2509 +1.15 40.5 31.0 27.5 ½ 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1
21 GM Durarbayli, Vasif   6.0 AZE M 2584 2623 +0.52 50.0 38.5 34.5 1 1 1 1 ½ 0 0 ½ 1
26 IM Mammadov, Zaur   6.0 AZE M 2442 2542 +1.29 45.0 34.0 27.0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 1
108 IM Bajarani, Ilgar   4.0 AZE M 2313 2265 -0.53 40.5 32.0 20.0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0





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Bakı çempionatı-2012

Bakı çempionatı-2012 11-23 oktyabr 2012-ci il tarixdə Respublika şahmat mərkəzində keçirildi


Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds
1 Asadli Vugar AZE 1802 7.0 35.0
2 Zeynalzada Vali AZE 1905 7.0 31.5
3 Abbasov Mehman AZE 1787 6.5 35.5
4 Hajiyev Kanan AZE 1926 6.5 34.5
5 Zeynalov Rashad AZE 2063 6.5 33.5
6 Bunyatov Rustam AZE 1831 6.5 30.5


Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds
1 WFM Mammadzada Gunay 1941 6.0
2 Soyunlu Narmin 1928 5.5
3 WCM Hojjatova Aydan 1915 4.5 (19.5)
4 WFM Ismayilova Parvana 2080 4.5 (17.5)
5 WCM Baghirova Khatin 1877 4.5 (15.5)

Kişilərdə ilk 5 yeri tutmuş idmançılar birinci dəstəyə ,qadınlarda iə ilk 2 teri tutmuş şahmatçılar Respublika çempionatına birbaşa vəsiqə qazandılar.

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28th European Club Cup 2012 Eilat (ISR)

Final Standings After 7 Rounds
1 SOCAR Azerbaijan 12 673.8
2 Saint-Petersburg Chess Federation 12 665.5
3 SHSM-64 11
4 Economist-SGSEU Saratov 10 653.0
5 Ugra 10 607.3
6 Ashdod 10 595.8
7 Tomsk-400 10 572.5

34 Teams

Round 7
7 Tomsk-400 - 1 SOCAR Azerbaijan
1.1 GM Ponomariov, Ruslan 2735 0-1 GM Radjabov, Teimour 2792
1.2 GM Areshchenko, Alexander 2710 0-1 GM Mamedyarov, Shakhriyar 2748
1.3 GM Bologan, Viktor 2695 0-1 GM Topalov, Veselin 2751
1.4 GM Inarkiev, Ernesto 2683 ½-½ GM Grischuk, Alexander 2752
1.5 GM Motylev, Alexander 2655 ½-½ GM Kamsky, Gata 2755
1.6 GM Khismatullin, Denis 2638 0-1 GM Sutovsky, Emil 2685

Offical Site

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Şahmat bəstəçiliyi üzrə şəxsi Dünya çempionatı


Şahmat bəstəçiliyi üzrə şəxsi Dünya çempionatı


Beyəlxalq Şahmat Bəstəçiliyi Federasiyasının rəsmi saytında (www.wfcc.ch) 2010-2012-ci illər üçün Şahmat bəstəçiliyi üzrə şəxsi Dünya çempionatının reqlamenti elan olunub.





The WFCC is inviting composers of all countries to participate in the 2010-12 WCCI. The tourney director is Mike Prcic (e-mail: tuzlak@aol.com). The competition will be held according to the system used in the four previous championships, with changes in the system of judging as explained in the rules below.


General Rules

      The WCCI is organised with the authority of the WFCC. The championship should be announced in advance.

  1. The WCCI is open to all composers from all countries.
  2. The WCCI includes the following sections:
    A) Twomovers, B) Threemovers, C) Moremovers, D) Endgame studies, E) Helpmates, F) Selfmates, G) Fairies, H) Retro problems.
  3. A composer may send to each section no more than 6 compositions published in the defined three-year period. For informal tourneys the date of publication of the issue containing the composition is decisive; for formal tourneys the date of appearance of the award is decisive (NB: not the closing date of the tourney). Later corrections should normally be accepted. If the date of publication is in doubt, the director should ask the composer for evidence. Joint compositions are not allowed. It is not allowed to submit compositions on behalf of someone else without his written consent.
  4. Entries must be sent to the director by e-mail and in PDF format only. In each section composers have to submit one PDF file, which will include all their entries to this section. Composers must have already marked their compositions with No. 1 to 6. The compositions should be in diagrams of a uniform size, with the author's name, e-mail address, publication data, any award, stipulation, full solution and a comment if desired. Algebraic notation is to be used.
  5. The director forwards the PDF files (one PDF file per composer) to the judges, as well as a spreadsheet where they will enter their scores.
  6. In each section five judges (and their reserves) will be selected among the best 15 participants from the previous championship. The selection will be automatic, starting from the winners to the next-placed composers with the restriction that in each section the judges should be from different countries. The same person can act as a judge in more than one section. The composers will have to agree in writing that they are willing to act as judges. If the list cannot be completed from these composers, the WCCI committee spokesman and the director will have to find other persons to act as judges.
  7. Using a scale of 0 to 4 including half-points, each judge will allocate points to all compositions in the section(s) which he has agreed to judge, except for his own entries. Compositions which are sound and not anticipated should receive at least 0.5 points. The judges must explain their reason(s) for giving a score of 0 points to any composition. Judges in section D (endgame studies) are requested to allocate points to the studies as if they had been composed in the traditional manner before the advent of the computer into compositional chess. It should also be noted that studies are not to be regarded as anticipated by any position appearing in a computer-generated database.
  8. The judges should take note that entries to the WCCI with a score of 8 or higher will automatically qualify for the 2010-12 FIDE Album.
  9. After completing his work, each judge will send the spreadsheet with his scores to the director, along with comments regarding errors, anticipations, thematic flaws, etc. The director should distribute these comments to the other judges together with his own notes on anticipations, cooks, duals, etc. Judges may wish to change some of their scores as a result of discussion with their colleagues, but their individual scores should always reflect the true value of the compositions in the view of each judge.
  10. The director will calculate the total points gained by each composition. If a composition has been judged by five judges, the director discards the highest and the lowest scores and sums the remaining three. If a composition belongs to a judge, he sums the two middle scores and the average of the highest and the lowest scores. If a composition has received a zero score from two or more judges, it is excluded from the tournament and receives no points.
  11. The director will send the tables with the results to the 4 members of the Supervising Panel, who cannot be participating or judging in any section. If he feels it necessary he will point out any potential irregularities, e.g. the average score of any one judge is much higher or much lower than that of the other four, or cases where there is a wide disparity (e.g. more than 1.5 points) between the scores allocated to a given composition. The members of the Supervising Panel may also point out irregularities and ask the director for a resolution.
  12. The sum of a composer's 4 best compositions is calculated for his final result. The champion in each section is the composer with the highest sum of his 4 best compositions. In a case of a tie, the highest ranked composition decides. If they are still the same, the second ranked composition decides, etc. If all compositions have the same marks, composers share places.
  13. In his report, the director includes a) tables with full results of all participants, b) the four highest-ranked compositions, with eventual comments, of the three winners in each section, c) the three compositions with the highest marks in each section, even if they do not belong to the three winners. The preliminary results are announced on the WFCC site; composers may submit only remarks concerning anticipation, legitimate publication data, legality and soundness. The director and the Supervising Panel decide about any claims and the results are declared final within two weeks.
  14. The official documents (announcement and award) should be written in at least one of the official languages of the FIDE.
  15. The three winners in each section will be awarded a certificate of honour.


Time Schedule

September 2012: Announcement
February 15th 2013: Deadline for the submission of entries to the director
March 1st 2013: Entries and spreadsheets for the scores sent by e-mail to the judges
July 1st 2013: Judges' scores sent to the director
August 1st 2013: Provisional results sent to the Supervising Panel and to the WFCC president.
September 1st 2013: Preliminary results published on the WFCC site.
September 15th 2013: Results become final.



A) Twomovers: Wieland Bruch (GER), Vasyl Dyachuk (UKR), Živko Janevski (MKD), Marjan Kovacevic (SRB), Anatoly Slesarenko (RUS). Reserve: Emil Klemanic (SVK)

B) Threemovers: Zoran Gavrilovski (MKD), Aleksandr Kuzovkov (RUS), Mikhail Marandyuk (UKR), Miodrag Mladenovic (SRB), Viktor Volchek (BLR). Reserve: Zoltán Labai (SVK)

C) Moremovers: Aleksandr Feoktistov (RUS), Mikhail Marandyuk (UKR), Oto Mihalco (SVK), Abdelaziz Onkoud (MAR), Mike Prcic (USA). Reserve: Boško Milošeski (MKD)

D) Endgame studies: Eduard Eilazyan (UKR), Luis Miguel González (ESP), David Gurgenidze (GEO), Oleg Pervakov (RUS), Ladislav Salai jr (SVK). Reserve: Alain Pallier (FRA)

E) Helpmates: Fadil Abdurahmanovic (BIH), Viktor Chepizhny (RUS), János Csák (HUN), Mario Parrinello (ITA), Aleksandr Semenenko (UKR). Reserve: Borislav Gadjanski (SRB)

F) Selfmates: Aleksandr Azhusin (RUS), Peter Gvozdják (SVK), Diyan Kostadinov (BUL), Frank Richter (GER), Ivan Soroka (UKR). Reserve: Waldemar Tura (POL)

G) Fairies: Juraj Lörinc (SVK), Franz Pachl (GER), Petko Petkov (BUL), Tadashi Wakashima (JPN), Klaus Wenda (AUT). Reserve: Georgy Evseev (RUS)

H) Retros: Dmitry Baibikov (ISR), Thomas Brand (GER), Michel Caillaud (FRA), Henrik Juel (DEN), Ryan McCracken (USA). Reserve: Kostas Prentos (GRE)


Supervising Panel

Paz Einat (ISR), Harry Fougiaxis (GRE), Roberto Stelling (BRA), Harold van der Heijden (NED)

ATTENTION! The entries to the 9th WCCT belong to the 2013-2015 championship.

A free PDF converter for Windows users can be downloaded from http://www.dopdf.com

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